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The Data That Can't Be Ignored: How Market Data Growth Is Driving Recruitment Demands

Recruitment in the financial market data industry is becoming more important than ever. According to Burton-Taylor International Consulting, this growth is being fuelled by the increased demand for pricing, reference, and valuation data. One notable trend is the concentrated growth in the Americas, which recorded an impressive rate of 8.3%. This trend indicates the growing significance of market data across the globe.

ICE, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, and S&P Global Market Intelligence are among the industry leaders, with S&P Global Market Intelligence experiencing the sharpest revenue growth in 2022. Other companies that experienced significant growth include Moody's Analytics, FactSet, and Morningstar.

The rise of market data in the financial sector has led to a need for skilled professionals who can understand, analyze and sell this data. Here are some strategies to consider for developing and recruiting a high performing sales team:

Implement targeted recruiting techniques:

Generate a targeted list of companies with relevant solutions, target personas, regions, verticals, sales methodologies, deal sizes and cycles. Combine this with customised marketing content and a personalised, multi-channel out reach process, to position your roles to all the relevant people in the market, to reach the highest performers.

Sales Enablement:

A structured sales enablement strategy provides sales reps with the necessary tools, content, and training to engage effectively with prospects and close deals. It also enables sales managers to track performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted coaching and support. Investing in a sales enablement platform can help businesses attract and retain top sales talent by creating a supportive and collaborative environment that allows them to excel in their roles.

Develop a strong employer brand:

Create a compelling and unique brand that showcases your company's values, culture, and mission. This could include promoting employee testimonials, highlighting unique benefits, and creating engaging social media content.


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